Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is it ever OK?

Having a conversation with a friend of mine earlier today, we got into the topic of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. It is well known in the Music World that these two are an item. Alicia Keys is now pregnant with his child and the two are talking marriage in the near future.

I mentioned to her that MAYBE...just maybe I put Alicia Keys on some type of pedestal and that I NEVER imagined that she would have become involved with a married man. (Swizz is not married anymore, but was at the time that the two became an item). Even if he was separated from his wife, I just could not have imagined Alicia Keys in this predicament. Alicia seems like a respectable, educated, and talented individual. She definitely has never presented herself like the type of person that would get involved in this type of drama.

My friend responded: "I see it differently...blame Swizz more than Alicia. Plus, if you are in a happy working marriage then no one should be able to interfere".

So is it ever OK to become involved with a married man that is seeking a divorce? Or should I say a married PERSON (because there are plenty of women out there in the same situation as Swizz). Haven't we all (even the non-married population) gotten to the point of a relationship where we think: I can't do this anymore! But then in an undetermined amount of time we eventually go back to that person.

How does a man/woman that is separated become involved with other men/women? Obviously they are not wearing their wedding band(s), and there is no big sign on their forehead that says "Hey, I'm married, but we're separated!" Is this this topic of conversation before the first date, during, or after?

I guess I'm a little confused at how this works...hmmmm...