Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neem Powder/Oil

About two weeks ago, I was browsing some items in my local Indian store. I picked up a box of Neem Powder (thinking it was Alma powder....apparently I can't read) and picked up a bottle of Neem oil. I have wanted to try some other products in the Indian store other than Henna and I thought I would do some experimenting.

Once I got home, I began to research the products more. I usually do this before making my purchase, but since my visit to the Indian store was random, I didn't have the chance to. I discovered that the Neem Tree is has a reputation as being the "wonder tree". It has been used in the past and even in the present to treat various illnesses and it is also used as preventative care. For hair, it is usually used to treat dandruff. I don't have a problem with dandruff, but I thought that was interesting. In general, it is used to promote hair health. 

Finally I opened up my new products. I kind of felt like a kid playing with new toys. Until I caught a whiff of the Neem Oil.

Damn near passed out.

Talk about stank. Wheeeweeee!

Nevertheless, I began mixing a concoction of Neem Powder, Conditioner, and Neem Oil. I applied it to my hair. Though I must have walked around the house smelling rather interesting, I kept it in for a half hour.

Washing it out was quite an experience. Not as bad as washing out Henna. But this stuff looks like a paste once it goes on, so it's not like washing out conditioner. Though the smell lingered for day or two (I think I used too much Neem Oil)...I loved the way that it made my hair feel. It made it feel soft and strong. I think I will be using this once or twice a month as a deep deeeep conditioner.

The next product on my "Indian Store Wish List" is the Shikakai Powder. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bunning (and insecurities)

Hi, my name is Elle and I hate bunning.

Well I love and drool over other people's buns. But I hate my own buns. Why?

Because I want an obnoxious bun that will block people's views at the movie theatre,
Because my hair doesn't get as sleek as I want it to on the edges,

Because I hate how it accentuates my round face and big forehead...

But this month I've decided to push all my insecurities to the side and bun for at least 14 days during the month. I am already on day 6 (I started on February 1). I felt that my hair needed a little vacation from the rollersetting. No worries, I will be back to rollersetting as soon as I have completed my personal challenge. But for now I'm bunning!

I find that adjusting my buns has helped to ease my insecurities a bit:

I opt for the loose high bun rather than the tight high bun...
I am trying to wear earrings that are eye catching like hoops and ones with colors
I am also trying different styles with the front, like a pompadour or front swoop...something to give the front some *personality* and take the focus away from the shape of my face.

Here are some recent pictures...