About Moi

My name is Danielle (Elle), and I am a 28 year old natural hair enthusiast! I love natural hair in all shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. I have been a natural for over 5 years now, but within the past two years I have become dedicated to achieving maximum hair health. A lot of what I talk about on this blog has to do with natural hair, but I dibble and dabble in my other interests, such as photography, diy, fashion, and beauty.

My ultimate goals are to
a. Share what I have learned about natural hair and my new discoveries every day with the world.
b. Become a licensed cosmetologist (working on this Summer of 2013!)
c. Open up a natural hair salon and natural hair store that caters to helping women achieve hair health and helps them to obtain a general love for their natural hair!
d. Partner up with a non-profit organization to teach young women across the United States about how to care for their natural hair.

I am working on goal one every day through this blog! Hopefully you enjoy my content. Don't forget to leave a comment and follow me ;-)

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