Friday, September 30, 2011

Length Check, Check, Check it Ouuuut

Got my hair did

I'm sure I'll have some better shots in the upcoming week, this is just a quickie ;) 

Closing in on bsl. My goal is to make it to BSL, then cut above the bra strap to
obtain healthy ends.

And here is a picture from May 2011, 4 months ago.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wash n (Wait n) Go...

I have been bunning almost all week but have been looking for a different hair style to give myself a little break. I have never been too fond of wash n gos because my curl pattern in the front is way looser than in the back. But I had an idea...

I co-washed my hair, used my kinky curly knot today leave in to detangle and then followed up with a small amount of kinky curly curling custard. I then sectioned my hair with my fingers and did about 8 twists throughout my head. I put rods on the front parts that especially don't curl. I left the twists/rods in for about 20 min. This was just enough time to give me a hint of definition in the front. I let it air dry and voila.

Yes, its not truly a wash n go but its not quite a twist out either, especially since my hair was no where near dry when I took it out.

It only lasted a day. I'm sure I could've rewet it to get another day but eh...I was being lazy. Plus, I plan on hennaing this weekend.

(and yes, I know I look rather tired in these was past my bed time and I had a long drive ahead of me...) ;-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Girls Night Out

Lately I have been rocking a bun...trying to take the low manipulation route until I get bored then switch it up. I'm trying to wait until December for my next trim, so I need to not give my hair a reason to split my precious ends lol.

Ladies night out...the wonderful thing about these ladies is that 4.5 of us in this picture are natural. One is a texturized queen, but she's still on a hair journey and she's doing such a great job sticking with it :)

Here is a video that is similar to the way I did my bun. I only did one row. During the week I want to try to do two rows, just like the fabulous lady in this youtube video!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rollerset... #Fail

Wow, looks like I have some new followers. Big thanks for the mention by the fabulous ladies over at The Feisty House! They are amazing, I absolutely love their blog :)

Last weekend I decided to try a doobie/blow out style rollerset. I used Salerm 21 as my leave in and Fantasia IC Hair Serum.

I found it a bit tricky to roll my hair tightly around those huge rollers. I imagine practice makes perfect though.

Results weren't too bad at the midway point.

Wrapped my hair around my head. It was getting late (like 1:00 AM) , excuse the tired face! lol

Saran wrapped my head for the silk wrap process.

What the f*%@#!?!?!

I really thought I was on to something. Until I took the silk wrap down. I think I have identified the culprit in this rollerset nightmare. I blame the Salerm 21 (too heavy) and the Fantasia IC (too sticky). My hair felt heavy, mushy, and overly oily all at the same time. I was horrified. I immediately washed my hair with a clarifier and deep conditioned it over night.

When I try this next time (I refuse to lose!) I will make sure to use a better hair serum and possibly try the Lacio Lacio leave in. Hopefully my results will be better.

Here's a pic of my hair today. A pompadour and high bun. A quick out-the-door Saturday hairstyle!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Roller Setting / Rod Setting experience!

They say curly girls have more fun ;)

I have been feeling a bit blah with my hairstyles lately. I've worn nothing but braidouts and buns all summer and frankly, I'm about ready to retire both hairstyles (no, not really...this is my dramatic side speaking). I did not want to straighten my hair, but I wanted a different look. 
I have been looking at YouTube videos with some amazing rollersets. And I was almost tempted to spend $60.00 on a curlformers set after looking at Curly Nikki's beautiful curls (even though she only uses curlformers to stretch her hair). But I'm not ready to bite the bullet. So I made use of the flexi-rods that I had. 

I went around all Tuesday looking for Lacio Lacio leave-in conditioner, because many women on Long Hair Care Forum speak highly of this product's results with rollersets. Even went to a Dominican Salon asking if I could buy some. The woman tried to sell me four or five other products, none of what I wanted. So I picked up some Salerm 21 leave-in conditioner instead. This product is supposed to be great as well, but some people mention it's a bit heavier in consistency in comparison to the Lacio Lacio.

So Tuesday night I began my experiment with roller setting.

Products Used:

After washing my hair, I sectioned my hair and detangled using about a dime sized amount of the Salerm 21 leave-in per section. I then created a mixture of about 1/4 Lotta Body/ 1/4 Vatika Coconut Oil, and 1/2 H20 in my handy dandy spray bottle below.

I then began to use the flexi-rods in my hair. I placed the hair on the bottom of the roller and rolled upwards toward my scalp, making sure that the bent part rested against my scalp (also making sure that it wasn't too tight). This helps to reduce the amount of *puffiness* in the roots.

Yes, maintaining my sexy. And peep the shirt. lol.

1 hour later I unrolled the flexi rods. I could've stayed under longer but
 I have extreme problems with sitting still for long periods of time.

Styling and profiling here...after curls have been separated.

A close-up

At this point I hadn't flat ironed my roots. This was simply the results from
sitting under my hair dryer. But I was itching for a sleeker look.

After flat ironing roots. Tried to fake a smile on my first
day back to teaching blues. 

So I like the results. I'm hoping to keep this for a week. More than likely I will be turning this into an updo by the weekend and then into a bun mid-week. The other alternative is for me to turn it into a twistout (experimentally...being as though I have had no luck in the past with twistouts.)

Sidebar: I haven't bought the Curling Souffle by SheaMoisture just yet. The reviews weren't sparking my interest on the forums. I still plan on doing a review of my own though very soon. Stay tuned ;)