Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wash n (Wait n) Go...

I have been bunning almost all week but have been looking for a different hair style to give myself a little break. I have never been too fond of wash n gos because my curl pattern in the front is way looser than in the back. But I had an idea...

I co-washed my hair, used my kinky curly knot today leave in to detangle and then followed up with a small amount of kinky curly curling custard. I then sectioned my hair with my fingers and did about 8 twists throughout my head. I put rods on the front parts that especially don't curl. I left the twists/rods in for about 20 min. This was just enough time to give me a hint of definition in the front. I let it air dry and voila.

Yes, its not truly a wash n go but its not quite a twist out either, especially since my hair was no where near dry when I took it out.

It only lasted a day. I'm sure I could've rewet it to get another day but eh...I was being lazy. Plus, I plan on hennaing this weekend.

(and yes, I know I look rather tired in these was past my bed time and I had a long drive ahead of me...) ;-)