Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 5 Natural Hair "Ah Ha" Moments

I think along the journey to becoming a natural, and the even longer journey of staying a natural, one comes across those "ah ha" moments. You discover a new technique that works, or you find your staple product, etc. These moments I would like to refer to as: My Top 5 Ah Ha Moments along the natural hair journey and I would like to share some of these.

1) The discovery of Shea Butter. The first time that I was introduced to Shea Butter was at Adunde Festival about four years ago. I had heard a lot about its benefits and decided to pick up a container. I only used it on my skin as a way to moisturize my body...but I ABSOLUTELY HATED the smell. Needless to say, I finished up that container and went back to regular lotion. In becoming a regular hair board stalker, I found a LOT of posts where people talked about using Shea Butter in their hair. I kept thinking about the smell which lingered in my mind and said...nah, I'll pass. But TOO MANY PEOPLE were talking about the benefits. I grabbed a container from the BSS and began using it.

To sum it all up: It gives me texture that reminds me of my hair when I was a child. This stuff is magical. Enough said.

2) The discovery of Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Another product that I found lurking on youtube and longhaircareforum. Orginally, I bought this product from Whole Foods Grocery Store as an alternative to gel for my wash-n-gos. Big no-no. This did nothing for me. And I used entirely too much. My hair came out looking and feeling like a scarecrow's hair. I put it under the sink and forgot all about it. Then when I started doing Braid Outs and Twist Outs, I tried it again. It gave me A-MA-ZING results and I use it to this day.

3) The discovery of the Braid Out. Since I mentioned it briefly in number two, it would only make sense to go into more detail in number three. I've always wanted uniform definition. The top of my hair is almost bone straight. The most it will do on a good day is produce loose waves and a slight curl at the bottom. I think I could classify this hair as being 3a or almost 2c. The back of my hair is where all the definition is. It's fun, curly, spirally clown hair. The braidout gives me definition and curls all around. This is definitely my low manipulation (in comparison to the everyday heat I was using last year) every day hair style. And I <3 it!

4) The discovery of Henna. I was very hesitant about treading into this territory. The process seemed entirely too complex for my simplistic tastes. That was until I started to do a little bit more research. Looking at the results that Moptop Maven, Curly Nikki, and other hair care experts had, my curiosity began to heighten. In talking to my two other natural friends, we talked about having a "Henna Party". Don't ask me what this would look like or how it would go down...maybe balloons, confetti...nah. Well, to make a long story short, someone cheated and ended up Henna-ing before our unscheduled Henna Party. Then I said, what the hell and did it the next day. Once I got beyond the messiness, I must say that I was impressed. It gave my highlights an awesome copper color, my hair was stronger, less shedding, more manageable, retained moisture far better than ever, (I could go on for days!) I'm definitely a Henna Addict, check me in!

5) The discovery of Rose Water. Another wonderful Indian store product. This stuff leaves my hair feeling like cotton. Even though I am not a fan of the scent (yes, my nose is very keen when it comes to different scents), I think the results outweigh the smell. I could bathe my hair in this stuff it's so marvelous (though I might pass out from holding my breath...)

So there you have it. My "Ah Ha" Moments in Natural Hair <3