Monday, December 27, 2010

Thinking about Spring Fashion ( get my mind off of this cold weather)

I'm a summer baby. Never liked the winter. As soon as the temperature drops under 40 degrees my body starts shaking uncontrollably. Though I have to admit that the only part I like about winter is watching the snow fall. Not watching the snow accumulate. Not shoveling the snow. Not fighting over parking.

The only thing that I can do in the winter is dream about the Spring and Summer. Why not start with some fashionable item trends in shoes and purses (every woman's love <3) to look forward to in Spring 2011.

Everybody loves some animal print, and the design of this bag is so chic ;)

J'adore the versatility of this bag. This is a quick shop trip then out with the girls later piece.

Spring screams bright colors to me, so this clutch is right up my alley. I'd wear this with a simple brown or tan dress.

This could easily be my "I'm going to work, don't mess with me, I've got money to make bag"

I love the design and the print on these shoes. With shoes like this, a simple black dress would work. 

I like the three dimensional feel of these shoes. 

I have to admit that I am not a patent-leather girl. I think patent leather should be illegal. BUT...these shoes are making me think otherwise. I love the design on the soles and heels. 

Again, a pair that would stand out with a simple black dress on a date night. These need to make their way into my closet asap.

I love the trend of the square-ish heels. And the design of these shoe boots are stunning. 

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