Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shameless Maya and The BIG BUZZ

One of my favorite vloggers, Shameless Maya took the plunge yesterday by shaving all of her hair off. Maya is well known throughout the YouTube world for her comedic, energetic, captivating personality. And to others she is only known for her hair. Undoubtedly she has (or shall I say...had) a head of gorgeously defined curls. But as India Aire said best: "I am not my hair". And she has surely proven as of April 24, 2013 that she is NOT her hair.

Her message is raw and clear. Far too many women in society define their hair as a part of their beauty and who they are. I can say that I have been guilty of this for a large part of my life. I remember the days as a young girl where I couldn't come downstairs if my hair wasn't done. Why is it that we have allowed society to control our definition of beauty? I had to overlook the idea that straight, long, silky hair was the epitome of beauty. Years ago, I couldn't fathom wearing my natural/kinky/coily hair. I have since learned that there's more to life than hair. Confidence is beauty. Loving yourself is beauty. And in Maya's case: being shameless is beauty.

Kudos to Maya for her fearlessness on April 24, 2013!!! I am very humbled by her experience.

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  1. i always thought her hair was beautiful and it seems a lot of ladies are inspired by her decision to donate it. she looks great with a shaved head, too!