Thursday, May 23, 2013

Karen's Body Beautiful - Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner

Reaction: I'm not a fan of products that label themselves as "leave-in conditioners". Especially considering that my current leave-in conditioner is actually a regular conditioner (Tresemme Naturals Conditioner). But this product right here. Wow. I haven't done twistouts/braidouts on a regular in almost a year (way too much breakage and manipulation for my fine hair strands). Once in a while I like to switch it up from wearing my hair in wash-n-gos or buns. And this is the go-to product these days for when I want to do the big switch-er-roo. The results when using this product are soft, bouncy, very defined (and long lasting definition) hair. It also smells pretty damn good too. 

I have tried this product with my wash-n-gos (actually this is the first way that I tried the product). I absolutely do not like the product as a leave-in for wash n gos. I am convinced that this product has to "set" in order for it to work correctly. If I want to stretch my wash n go's I use this product and put my hair in two braids the night before. I then dampen my hair and prepare it for a wash n go. I get good results this way as well.

How I Use This Product: I use this product on wet hair. Soaking wet hair. The product is very watery so I make sure that I divide my hair into about 8 sections and distribute the product evenly throughout those sections. I then add a little oil or use my shea butter concoction. I braid or twist the sections down to the end, spiral the ends a bit for a curl, and put on my satin bonnet. My hair dries in about 8 hours depending on how big the braids are. I've even used this product on four braids and another time on two braids and had equally amazing results.

My Score: I give this product an A. It would've been an A+ but I'm not a big fan of the price (16.99 at Target). And for the amount you get that could put a hole in my pockets fast. Yet I haven't found a product yet that leaves my hair the way that this one does. 

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