Saturday, May 21, 2011

Length Checks

I've been creating some fabulous (if I might say so myself) high buns lately that I wanted to share.

How to create this look: I start with freshly washed hair. After using my Kinky Curly Leave In Conditioner, I divide my hair into four parts. I add a little Kinky Curly Curling Custard along with my Shea Butter Mix and braid the hair. I then set the ends with flexi-rods. 

In the morning, I undo the braids (it doesn't matter if the hair is slightly damp). I use a hair band and pull it toward the top of my head (the same way that an afro puff is done). I then swirl the hair around and secure it with pins. 

I also use a little eco styler on the edges to slick them back and use a soft brush. Lastly, I tie a scarf around my head to hold down the edges for about 10 minutes and Voila!

I love this look. I can make it as big and dramatic as I wish to. And I can dress it up with earrings as well. 

Sooooo...randomly, I decided Friday Afternoon to have a...what I like to call: "heat treat". I've been avoiding heat as much as possible, and this is my second "heat treat" of the year. My next will not be until the fall. Along with my heat treat, I asked for a much anticipated trim.

It took a lot of going back and forth in my mind....should I do it? Should I not? Don't these ends look ragedy enough? DO IT! But if I don't, I'll have the length I love? But what does it matter if the ends look chewed up...???? I know...insane.

Here are the results (I'm in love!) BTW, I went to a Dominican Salon. They use entirely too much heat if you ask me, but I cannot pass the price. I convinced myself that it's OK to go to a DS, as long as it's not overdone!

A minor set back, but it's fine. I actually think that this is the longest my hair has been in the past 10 years, which is progress in itself. Next stop: BSL!

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  1. Your hair is so pretty and healthy looking.