Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh My Color!

I had a major color disaster last Saturday. I have been desiring a little bit of color, but nothing extreme. So I decided to dye the top U-Shaped portion of my hair a honey blonde color. I used Clairol Textures and Tones:

The color on the box looked perfect! I even looked at the color comparison chart on the side of the box. It seemed to be the perfect match. Of course I also did my research on blogs, on youtube, and on the forums. This actual brand even tested as a top performer in Consumer Reports comparison tests. 

I followed the directions, mixed the bottles and packet together. And...

What a disaster!! Instead of the "honey blonde" I was expecting, I was left with an orange sherbet/carrot top blend. I almost had a nervous breakdown. I couldn't go to work or in public looking like this. Out of desperation, the next morning I went to the Hair Cuttery to get the messy dye job fixed. 
Thankfully they were able to work a miracle on my disaster work. While there, I also received a trim and a wash/curl.

Lesson Learned! Never try an at-home dye job ever again!

I still have my eye on that honey blonde color though...

Have you ever had a natural hair disaster? What did you do to overcome it (or did you simply live with it?)

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