Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trial and Error - Wash and Go

One of my hair idols: Quest for the Perfect Curl is able to create the most drool-worthy Wash n Go in this world. So I have been watching her videos, doing a little bit of research (and wiping drool in between) to learn some of the techniques of getting a satisfiable wash n go. I am hoping that once I get this down to perfection then I will be able to make this my summer staple hairstyle.

To achieve this wash n go today (this wash n go is 12 hours old...) I did the following.

  • Co-washed hair in the shower. Applied Tresemme Naturals Conditioner in sections (this conditioner is my new favvvv love!) 
  • Applied an oil mix to my hair in sections (currently using African Pride's Hair, Scalp, and Skin Oil)
  • Applied Kinky Curly's Curling Custard to my hair (only a dime sized amount) to the sections.
Scrunched a little bit and allowed it to dry.

Ugh, look at that frizz patch!

My problems with my wash n go (I'm probably just being my own worse critic...or not) :
  1. One side of my hair has less definition then the other. So it looks kind of lopsided. (This led to me hacking away at that side with scissors today while repeating to myself over and over: it's just hair, it will grow...**insert kinda happy kinda sad face**)
  2. I find that by the time my hair dries I don't have as much volume as I would like...I try to play with it mid-day to give it the look I like
  3. The shrinkage is bittersweet...
What I like about the wash n go
  1. It's a quick and easy style
  2. I'm hoping to achieve day 2 and day 3 with the wash n go...not there yet! Still perfecting it. But once I get there I will be happy!!
  3. I'm locking in tons of moisture with the Tresemme Naturals. My hair is super moisturized with this stuff! 

I'm going to keep working at it and hopefully by next week I will have the perfect remedy for a wash n go that looks good and lasts at least 3 days. **crossing fingers**.

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