Friday, October 12, 2012

Maybe I Should Reconsider...

At one time I thought that Wash N' Gos were a thing of the summer.

But Curly Nikki and Mahogany Curls have me thinking otherwise!

I am reaching true milestones in my wash n' go journey. I have learned a lot this year:
a) How to do a wash n' go without it turning into a wash n' no-no.
b) What product combination works best for my wash n' gos.
c) How to achieve second, third, and forth day wash n go's.

A lot of this has been trial and error. And of course much thanks to the natural hair gods of YouTube!

Now that I am becoming more attached to my wash n' gos rather than to my twist outs...I'm thinking about doing them throughout the winter as a low-manipulation style (along with rollersets!).

I'll explain my pros and cons of the twist out vs. the wash n' go in another post.

(these pictures are from a day three wash n go)


  1. Your hair looks so pretty. I'm still transitioning, but look forward to doing WnG

  2. You have a nice blog and your hair is so lovely !