Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner" Review

Two Saturdays ago I purchased a travel sized bottle of Paul Mitchell's Leave-In Conditioner "The Conditioner" from Ulta. I was impressed with Mahogany Curls (can you tell I'm obsessed with her hair?) results and thought I would be able to achieve great results with this product as well.

Boy was I wrong.

Have you ever been so convinced that something would work for you, and you tried and tried, but it just didn't work. That's how this conditioner was for me. I tried using this conditioner three times with three different wash n' gos. and I was turned all the way off by the third and final time.

It made my hair very stiff. Even after *scrunching* my hair once it dried, it was still unbelievably stiff. Nothing like the results I have gotten from using Tresemme Naturals.

I guess if it's not broke, why fix it?

Product Grade: D-

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  1. First time visitor of your blog and i LOVE it lol!!!