Sunday, June 12, 2011

Probably my BEST braid-out to date...

I absolutely cannot understand how I managed to create one of my favorite braid-outs to date...I feel like I haven't used anything that would have yielded anything other than my regular results. Or maybe it's because I have added one new product to my current regimen. Either way I am #winning!

It all began with me hennaing last night. Thankfully, one of the Indian Stores near me began stocking their shelves with Jamila Henna, which at one point could only be ordered online around here. After an hour, I rinsed out the Henna and applied a deep conditioner for a half hour (my time was limited!) 

I then did my shea butter mix, oil, eco styler gel, and *shea butter deep treatment masque*. I found a whole thread on LHCF that raved about this product in braid-outs. I was thinking...I bought this darn stuff for 10 dollars as a deep conditioner and was not impressed with it at all!! I was just piling it in my hair trying to get rid of it. That was up until I found the LHCF thread. Unfortunately I didn't find the thread until I was almost finished the whole container (in hopes of speedily getting rid of it). 

So I have been using it in my braid outs and let me tell you, my hair is so soft and my curls/waves look so lush! 

I think it was the Jamila Henna that might have given it an extra kick.

Needless to say my pictures are below. I was enjoying photobooth entirely too much today. Adios!


  1. This is really pretty! I dont like using it as a conditioner either, but I havent tried using it any other way!I will now!

  2. YES! I highly recommend it. I was so bummed when I tried it as a conditioner because I had high hopes for this product. But it works as an amazing leave-in. :)