Monday, October 24, 2011

Ding Dong. Who is it? It's your shoes...

My shoes arrived today! Well, not the Steve Maddens...those were supposed to arrive last week. But stupid me thought that UPS has a "return center". I was all kinds of wrong. I called to inquire (after their third attempt...hehe) how I could pick up my shoes. They told me they were en-route to the warehouse and that I would have to go back online and repurchase them (for 30.00 more). I was heart broken, distraught, all of that....

So after searching on their website for about an hour, I found a pair of nude BCBGeneration pumps. They were 41.00 (ten  dollars more than the Steve Maddens when I purchased them)...but I bought them anyway because they had good reviews. I'm in love...

And here are some more pictures of my install...
A friend pointed out that I didn't have any pictures posted
yesterday to show the length of the hair in the back.

The curls were created with a curling iron in a spiral 
motion. I used a little bit of Garnier Fructis Hair
Serum on my leave out and CHI Iron Guard
on both my weave and my leave out. 

I put four orange flexi-rods in my hair
nightly to maintain the curls. I think when I wash my hair
(two weeks from now...hopefully I can last lol) then
I will go for a style that requires less maintenance...maybe

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  1. Those shoes are hot. I've been looking into nude shoes lately.