Sunday, October 9, 2011

I lied...

I said I wasn't going to take pictures and put them on here of my hair straight. I heard the camera calling my name though, so I decided to pose for the camera for a *flick* *flick* *flick*...

To maintain my straight hair I wrap it every night/nap. Yes, I said nap. Yes I will be thirty in three years and still take naps. Who gon' check me boo? haha

My intentions are to keep it straight for one more week...

I am contemplating (probably because of the gorgeous young lady Tierra @ Badd Hair Day Blog) getting a weave before the end of the month. I've got my eye on possibly doing 10 inches on the top and 12 inches on the bottom with a U-Shaped leave in on top (also with the sides out). I would like to leave it in for 6 weeks or more to give my hair a much needed break. But I have hair anxiety. I can't go long periods of time with my hair feeling stuck to one style. Which is why I have been alternating between curly and straight lately. I'm hoping this will give me my straight "fix"...

I guess we shall see!


  1. Girl you hair looks so healthy and pretty.

  2. Thank you...I think it's time for it to go into hiding soon though lol ;)

  3. Lol, I love your hair! =], even when it's straightened!

  4. Your hair looks so gorgeous! The 10 and 12 inch will look so natural on you since it is prob around the length of your hair, and you wont have to worry about continuing to put heat on yours!

  5. Your hair looks AMAZING:)))

  6. Thanks so much ladies! Tierra, that would be the greatest thing ever...I simply love the versatility and easier maintenance of weaves, and yours is just gorg! :)