Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Little Autumn OOTD

As were are in the midst of one of my favorite seasons (obviously Summer is first)...I am realizing how much I fall more and more in love with this season! One of the main reasons is because it's boot weather. Next to hair and nails I am developing another obsession: shoes. I just ordered a pair of Nude colored pumps from, for their up to 75% off Steve Madden Sale. Literally, the pumps were over 100.00, and I got them for 29.95. I will make a post with pictures of my newbies once they arrive this week. 

In the mean time, I leave you with some pictures of my OOTD...And the straight hair is still here. I'm crossing my fingers to get weaved up this upcoming weekend. I'm going to have a friend do my sew in, because I am not one for keeping styles for too long. I can't see myself paying 100.00 for something I might not even keep in for a week. So I figured I'd keep the straight hair until then....

I've suffered from noassatall my whole life, but I love skinny jeans too much to care!

Outfit Details -
Shirt: Thrifted (3.99)
Jeans: Gap (34.99 during their 50% off  sale)
Boots: Barefeet (bought these about 3 years ago...I don't remember the price..)

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  1. Fab outfit, you look very sexy in these skinnies:)))