Saturday, November 19, 2011

F.O.T.D. - Face Of The Day

Lately I have found my interest in makeup growing. I have never been a makeup person. The most that I will do when I go out is put on some lip gloss, mascara, and maybe some eye shadow. That's about it. But  throughout the year I have found myself checking out makeup blogs, browsing Sephora and Ulta online and also picking up a few items here and there. A good friend (LIvoirienneUSA) advised me to check out the drug store brands, especially since I'm not sure of what colors will look best on me and also because I'm a newbie. Maybe one day I will work up the courage to go to the MAC or Nars counter and make a purchase lol.

Again, I am absolutely no expert on makeup but this look was extremely easy for me to achieve. I think this would make a nice everyday look since it is very subtle. 

Lips: Revlon - Colorburst Lipstick 075 Peach
Eyelashes: Lancome - Hypnose Drama
Eyes: Revlon - Illuminance Creme Shadow - Not Just Nudes
Foundation: Maybelline - FITme!  


  1. Cute look! and I am loving that hair darling, just FABULOUS!! Happy thanksgiving :)