Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Weave Chronicles

I've been having random moments of sadness because I miss my hair and all its big fluffiness. So I have developed the top five things that I am going to do in two (or three...hehe) weeks when I remove this weave...

1. Deep Condition (I might even do some Herbal Essences style Oooohing and Aaaahhhhing as I am Deep Conditioning because I miss it so much)

2. Henna. I am going to try and review on the blog Karishma Henna. One of my friends tried it and I swear her hair is cotton candy soft, I had dreams about it two nights in a row...

3. Play in my hair. Yes, I am going to abuse all natural hair laws on this one.

4. Try out some new styles. I want to try some new up-dos and I would like to re-try banding my hair.

5. Rock some funky looking beanie hats. Natural hair and beanie hats are like a match made in heaven.

I am not going to lie, I'm loving this protective styling break. I keep the hair moisturized underneath with shea butter and hot 6 oil. This also helps relieve my scalp of the itchies. Hopefully if I have maintained some hair underneath, I can incorporate weaves and wigs into my protective styling regimen!

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