Friday, December 9, 2011

Karishma Henna

I have been using henna for over a year. I absolutely love the wonderful effects that henna has on my hair. Henna strengthens my mane, elongates my hair, and even gives it a pretty reddish tint in the sun. I also like that it provides it with an unbeatable moisture (which my hair seems to lack in the winter). I have used two brands since I have started using henna: Hesh and Jamila. Both are great brands of henna. Recently I tried a new brand that I fell in LOVE with, Karishma Henna.

I like that this henna is mixed with herbs such as Alma and Shikakai. This henna stands out from the other bands that I have used because it made my hair feel amazingly soft, like cotton candy soft. Also my curls have been more defined and less frizzy. If I could buy stock in this company, I would. It's just that good :)


  1. This is the henna I use as well. I'm actually henna'ing this weekend!

  2. I will be henna'ing again tonight, I'm sooooo in love with this henna!