Monday, December 26, 2011

All wigged out!

I love protective styles that look pretty and protect my hair. For a while I have been seeking using wigs as a method of protective styling. Years ago I used to wear half wigs...but I wasn't a big fan because many of them have a "hump" that makes it hard to blend with my hair. I started researching using lace fronts as type of half wig. 

Meet: Freetress Angela

Her lace is cut along the front and she is placed about an inch or two behind my actual hair. The hair in the front is my own. I brushed my hair over her to cover the beginning part of the wig. I like this idea more than half wigs because the lace fronts lay much flatter, giving a more natural effect. Plus it is very comfortable. This will be my cocktail hour wig.

I'm hoping to find one that matches my natural hair so that I do not have to straighten my hair. The ideal wig would mimic the way my hair looks when it is in a braid out. On my search I go...

You can call me "Elle Kardashian" lol!

1 comment:

  1. Wait this is a wig?!
    A lace front that not actually on the front of your hair...
    thats a genius why didnt I think of that??
    The hair looks REALLY good on you