Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh Start To The New Year: Roller Setting Challenge!!

I'm so excited, I have signed up for my first "challenge" as a blogger. (I usually sign up for challenges on longhaircareforum.com.) It's so funny that I stumbled across this one. I have recently become interested in roller setting again and was trying to google the 2012 roller setting challenge on lhcf in hopes of getting some tips and tricks. I stumbled across Longing 4 Length's blog and discovered that she (EbonyCPrincess) was starting a 6 month long challenge. I emailed her and here I am today.

I have already tried two rollersets in the past week. The first set was done on orange and purple flexirods. I wasn't particularly satisfied with the set. It was a bit frizzy in the back and didn't hardly have any *swang*. This is when I began to do some research online and discovered the error in my first set.

1. My hair was not drenched during the process. I learned that the hair has to be very wet when it goes on the rollers.

2. I don't think my hair likes LottaBody setting lotion. I diluted the mess out of this stuff and it still gave me a blah set.

3. I was not rolling correctly on the roots.

4. I took down the rollers before they were completely dry. Big no-no.

Here are some pictures of that set:

Ahhhh! Oh nooo!! Fuzzy hair!

After dusting myself off and trying again with my new techniques, tips, tricks, and magic...here is my current rollerset:

Don't mind the junk in the background...lol

This is my best rollerset to date.

The products I used:
Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in
Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz
Coconut Oil

The only problem I have with this set (I know...I know, I'm such a perfectionist) is that I used orange and red flexi rods and the coils came out a bit too tight for me. They are gradually loosening up but next time I will definitely stick with the purple rollers in the back and orange rollers in the front!


  1. I'm so glad you tried again! I also hated Lottabody, had the same exact experience. Shellybean (on YT) has some excellent flexirod videos for naturals. One trick a fellow challenger does is to dip the actual roller in water to help the hair cling to it better if you have trouble with that. Awesome post!!!

  2. Thanks so much EbonyCPrincess for starting the challenge! I am officially hooked! The next time that I try a flexi rod set, I will definitely try that tip!