Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Friends (How Many Of Us Have Them?)

This past weekend was the bridal shower of one of my closest friends (all these ladies are my closest friends to be exact). Of course all the of the gals came out to celebrate the event. Great food. Great atmosphere. Great conversations. And of course I enjoyed decorating and celebrating the day away.

In looking through my pictures of the event, I realized something of interest. We are finally all natural! Some started the natural transition early on, others later. But finally we are chemical-free. It's great that we can share hair care tips, questions, styles, techniques and even more with each other. And to top it off, everyone is super supportive of each other! 

It all started with Tanya (second person from the left). She convinced me in 2005 to stop relaxing my hair and I haven't picked up a relaxer box since then. Eventually the other ladies caught on. None of us can say that being natural is easy. Sometimes I wake up and wish my hair would hide itself underneath the covers. But it's a journey that we support each other on, which makes it all that much easier.

Do you have any natural friends that keep you focused on your hair journey? Let's  talk about it below!


  1. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I've never had a perm or relaxer. Recently, I stopped using the hot comb and its been a challenge. I don't have any "natural" friends, so I look at hair blogs and tutorials online to help me with my hair jouney.

  2. Your experience is similar to the one that I went through in the beginning of my natural journey (I stopped getting perms about 5 years ago...I wish I was natural all of my life like you!) I relied heavily on natural hair blogs and forums to help me through this journey. With all of the knowledge I have gained so far (I'm learning everyday...) I have been able to do this blog and help others out as well. Thanks for sharing Carmela!

  3. It must be great to have so many natural friends :)