Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deep Conditioning Basics

Every week, once a week, I treat my hair extra special. I take her out, wine and dine her, and show her a good time. Well...I don't do that per se...but I do give her a special treat.

In my hair journey, I have learned to determine what my hair needs. I usually do not stumble upon a protein problem, my main problem is moisture. But I do not forget to occasionally give my hair a light protein treatment.

Today, I made sure I focused on moisture, since that was what my hair was lacking. Ok, let me rewind...three days ago I put a henna treatment in my hair. I have an issue with patience and let me tell you...henna requires a lot of patience. My patience usually spirals downwards toward the end (the washing out 15 minute session). I learned my lesson this time. Apparently I did not wash all of the henna out and boy did it zap the moisture from my braid out. So my goal today is to pump moisture back into my hair with my deep conditioner treatment.

I mixed Cream of Nature Argan Oil Conditioning Treatment and Hot 6 Oil together. 

A really simple mixture of approximately 90% Conditioner and 10% Oil. After washing my hair with Shea Moisture's Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention shampoo...I then divided my hair, with my fingers, into four sections. I do not detangle the hair at all when doing this. After sectioning my hair, I slathered the conditioner and oil mix onto my hair and proceeded to braid each section.

Once done braiding I then slathered the remaining amount of the conditioner and oil mix onto each braid. I'm not a stickler for time today so I will be leaving this on for about an hour or so....

If I wanted to go even deeper I would sit under the hair dryer, but again...with my patience...no, it's not happening. Sorry hair. But the plastic bag does help to keep the hair and products moist and a bit warm (depending on the temperature of the environment you are in of course)!


  1. I love women's "Hair journeys" lol i'm glad it's working out for you

  2. Thanks Dr. Lil, you offer some great advice on your page btw!