Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finger Detangling

Yes, I've done it. I've ditched the comb. Kicked her to the curb.

The (re)introduction of the wash n go into my hair world has inspired me to let go of the comb. I began finger detangling this summer and have achieved great results with this method. I have noticed far less breakage. Instead of dragging/forcing/pulling a comb through my hair, I am able to separate the tangles in my hair with my fingers. This technique is far more gentle on my hair strands.

I always detangle in the shower. Many people detangle their hair when dry and I have yet to try this alternative. For now, finger detangling wet hair has been working extremely well for me. While in the shower, I make sure that my hair is completely saturated with conditioner. As I am under the shower head, I begin to detangle my hair in sections by gently combing my fingers through my hair. When I reach an area that is tangled, I gently separate the hair. Once I detangle a section I twist it so that it is not in the way of me tackling the next section of hair.

It is important to find a conditioner that has enough "slip" (slipperiness). It is also important to take your time while doing this! You do not want to cause more damage while finger detangling then you would while using a comb or brush.

I have found the following conditioners to provide great slip for my finger detangling:

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Aussie 3 minute miracle, Aussie Moist, Tresemme Naturals.

Also, diluted Apple Cider Vinegar is another great product that helps with detangling natural hair.


  1. Hey hey hey!!! Don't forget aloe vera juice!! LOL That stuff melts my single strand knots away. I too have started finger detangling since I've stopped wearing my wig.

    1. I need to repurchase some more! I forgot I had it in the back of my fridge and threw it away. I can't wait to get my hands on some more and try it as a detangler. Thanks for the awesome tip!!