Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Glow Makeup

Make-up for me usually consists of mascara,lipstick/gloss, and maybe eyeshadow. I have a very small supply of makeup. I would LOVE for my collection to grow, but I have realized that I need to develop techniques like blending and contouring and etc. I will be there one day! I plan on using this blog as a way to share my (soon to be lol) successful make-up applications, techniques, inspirations and etc.

In the mean time, a beautiful and inspiring close friend of mine (known as L'ivoirienne USA on YT) has created  a YouTube video with a tutorial on how to create a gorgeous "Summer Glow" look. This look is perfect as this lovely season of summer is winding down. Whether you are an amateur seeking to learn some tips and tricks (like me!!!) or a professional that is interested in trying out new looks, this is a great video to watch. Don't forget to subscribe and like once you've finished, I'm sure you'll love it!!!

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