Thursday, August 9, 2012

Loc Soc Review

(product details are at the bottom highlighted in pink, just incase you want to skip my long drawn out story lol)

Have you ever lost something, whether in your house, apartment, office, or even your car...and search and search and search and still can't find it? Well, welcome to the story of my life!

Lost item #45327: Loc Soc

In June of this year, I went to an annual African Festival in my city. I love attending this festival. The music, the food, the crowd...amazing. I usually purchase my whipped Shea butter tub and check out the other booths that sell jewelry, clothes, artwork, etc. I found a booth ran by a company called "Shades of Color". They were selling a product called the LocSoc. It seemed like an interesting concept, especially with my newfound interest in wash n gos. I figured that I could use it to pineapple my hair. I picked up a black LocSoc and used it that same night.

I have been using it since then!

Unfortunately three nights ago I misplaced it with no idea of where it could've "ran" off to. I searched for bout about 20 minutes with pictures in my mind of where it ought to be....but no luck.

I had an idea. I figured I could cut a stocking and make my own LocSoc.

Bad idea.

Not only was it cutting off my circulation because it was so tight around my fivehead, but it kept rolling further up and up. I pulled it, yanked it, held it...wouldn't stay in place. Finally I said "what the hell" threw my satin bonnet on and went to sleep.

Of course it popped up the next day. Like I was never searching for it.

Now onto why i love this product:

The LocSoc is a hair accessory made of Lycra (very stretchy material. It is very versatile and I have used it to protect my natural hair styles. I have also used it as a headband and as a scarf to lay down my hair after applying gel. It is comfortable, which is important for me especially for sleeping in overnight. I purchased my LocSoc in the color black, but the company has a wide variety of colors, styles, and prints for customers to chose from. My biggest rave about this product is that I have been able to stretch out the amount of days I can wear a wash n go or twist out by using the LocSoc. 

The product is currently sold online: LocSoc Online Store and also at select stores. 

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