Monday, August 27, 2012

Rock Star Dreams

This weekend I attended the Curls Gone Wild event held by some of my favorite hair idols over at Around the Way Curls. Let me just say the event was amazing. I have been waiting forever and a day for a hair event to come to the city of Philadelphia. I was blown away by the beautiful natural hair that I saw at this event. I wish that I would've taken my camera with me. Of course I was being cautious and thought they would've camera-checked me at the door.

I do have some pictures of my hair style for the event. This was created with a banana clip, bobby pins, and hair combs (for the section of hair in the back of my head that the banana clip did not cover). This is my go-to inner-wild-child hair style. I'm only a rock star in my dreams...

As you can see I have been dibbling and dabbling in makeup. Just getting my feet wet. Here I'm rocking:
Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents Palette and Revlon Nude Shades
Lips: MAC High Tea Lipstick and Chestnut Lipliner (worn off a bit in this photo)

And some of my goodies. I love samples. Damn that, I love free stuff. Period.

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