Monday, August 6, 2012


Call me crazy or just call me insane. But I'm on my second round of Insanity! The first time I wasn't serious about it. Didn't follow the schedule. Did my own thing. I saw results, lost about 5 pounds, but quit after three weeks.

This time around I'm going for the Gold!

I started Day One with the Fit Test. The Fit Test is designed to measure the progress that is made while using the program. The fit test includes various exercises. Each move/exercise is performed for one minute (during this minute I had to count how many times I could do the move/exercise).

 My stats are listed below:

Day 1, Fit Test
And now for the embarrassing part...

I will be posting with updates...

Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck!
    I want to try that or P90X at one point, but that won't be for a LONG time. Maybe to bust through a plateau or something... lol.
    I'll definitely be following along on your journey :)

  2. I tried P90x last year, I liked it but unfortunately didn't stick with it. I think I like insanity more, so far so good :-)