Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm Not A Fan of the Color Green But...

I love Green Smoothies! I have been playing around with different ingredients and I've found one that is amazingly delicious (in my opinion).

1)Two Big Leaves of Kale
2) 1/2 Cup of Naked Green Machine 
3) 1 Cup of Naked Coconut Water
4) 2 teaspoons of Flax Seeds
5) 1 Banana (missing in the picture)
6) 5 Strawberries (also missing in the picture)
7) 1 teaspoon of Vega Protein Powder 

I throw them all into the blender and mix it at a low speed, then increase it to a high speed. I mix the ingredients up for about five whole minutes to make sure that it is as well blended as possible. Eventually I will invest in a better blender...but my Oster Blender works for now :-)

Update: This upcoming Monday begins Week Four of Insanity for me. I am trying to stay strong! I am five pounds down and I have lost four inches off my waist so far. I feel more energized and my strength/endurance seems to be increasing daily. 

Hoping that I can keep up with this program even with school beginning soon...keep your heads held high to my fellow teachers. Only 300+ more days left until our next Summer Vacation. Only...yeah right ;-)


  1. Congrats on the loss!
    I didn't know you were a teacher, too! We started on the 9th, and I have done the amazing amount of 0 minutes of exercise since then. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks Brittney! Yup, I'm a reading teacher! And I can definitely understand why you were only able to get in 0 minutes, teaching is an all-day job!

  2. I've also recently fallen in love with smoothies. Will be treating myself to a vitamix for Christmas, but in the mean time I continue with my Oster also. Its actually pretty good at making smoothies. Great progress so far with your insanity !! Maybe you can try our bodyrocktv or zuzana light on youtube, they have short 15 - 20 min workouts that are killer!!!!

    1. I have heard so much about Vitamix...and then I saw the price and I nearly fainted. I am so tempted to save up for one though. The Oster is working for me as well in the mean time. I am excited to check out those videos on youtube. They might come in handy when Insanity becomes a bit too much for my work schedule ;0)